Timeline of timelines

Cabinet Magazine is hosting a timeline of timelines – hard to explain, but an amazing collection, written by Sasha Archibald and Daniel Rosenberg . Check out Joseph Priestly’s timeline of important people from 1200 BC to 1750 AD & Alfred Barr’s 1933 MOMA diagram.


2 thoughts on “Timeline of timelines”

  1. I wonder what this guy was talking about

    Domenicus Petavius argues that orienting a chronological system around the birth of Christ is pure convention. His Rationarium temporum rigorously separates questions of history from those of chronology and maintains that chronology is a purely technical specialty.

    also as jerome pointed out there probably hasnt been a time machine invented otherwise people would be coming back to our time.

    also Evan hindman was arguing for a conception of time that was not linear. For instance i always view time as a line along which we move as perhaps a point. But what other ways could we view time.

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