I briefly talked to Jamie Taylor from Metaweb last week and he mentioned that I should add my data into Freebase. O’Reilly has a good post with screenshots on why Freebase is a good thing.

So I’m signed up and creating the types necessary to add my data:


I agree that they’ve designed this really well. It’s a structured database where you can experiment with new types of content while not messing with more core content types. I created this type “Historic Figure” which can glom onto the type “Person.” Since they’ve already scrapped Wikipedia, when adding historic figures I can just type in the last name to pull up new people, and it automatically will add the reverse link (Influenced <=> Influenced By). And if administrators like what I’ve done, they can pull the properties of this type into the more general “Person” type.

I notice that someone named Alexander has already added a “Philosopher” type with Influenced and Influenced By properties…

So the question is, do I spend the next few weeks manually importing my data or trying to persuade someone at Freebase to hack an upload script for me? I’m really excited that people will be able to start adding to my little project – I guess in some ways it’s the end of my project once it’s subsumed. 🙂


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