What more from del.icio.us

I was talking to Howard recently about what kinds of bonus stuff one might want from del.icio.us. Much is to be said for the simplicity of the site, and the way extra functionality is buried a click away from main pages.

  • music – There are a lot of free mp3s music on the web, you just need a way to get to them through a friend network (more on finding music through friends). Farsheed pointed out to me that del.icio.us is already using a flash player for bookmarked mp3s, so this is really just a few steps away – a filter for just your network’s mp3 bookmarks and being able to pull in the ID3 fields.
  • toolbar – Tells you how many people have bookmarked the page you are viewing, how recently, and what tags they used. It could use sparklines to fit recent change information in as few pixels as possible.
  • graph viewer – Let’s you navigate around a shared bookmark and tag space with clusters that you can dive into. This has been made many times (HubLog has a graph of related tags, proposed here in 2005 with links as well as tags), but it would be great if you could tinker with time scale or recent growth rates.
  • elastic lists – I just rediscovered Moritz Stefaner’s blog “Well-formed data” and noticed this great elastic list navigation design. The list indicates relative proportions of metadata values by size and unusualness of a metadata weight by brightness. His post explains it with examples and a demo. You could use this to go through recently used tags, where unusualness indicates tags that don’t occur frequently except recently. Even more from Stefaner: tag clouds over time, tag clouds with correlation.



2 thoughts on “What more from del.icio.us”

  1. Hi, nice blog, I subscribed you too and thanks for the link!
    Concerning the elastic lists: In fact, I planned it for tag navigation all along, but just did the nobel prize thing first in order to make it comparable to other facet browsers. Right now, I am working on a version for browsing your delicious tags.

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