Tag use with decay

Another nice visual applet from Moritz Stefaner’s Well-formed data, showing the use of a person’s del.icio.us tags. The key here is that the height of the tag decays over time. New tags get a warmer color and are added to the top.


This is my del.icio.us account – the first hump is when I started the influence project in summer 2005. The second is when I joined IFTF that fall and was saving a lot of statistical data on China and India. The third and a half humps are when I started saving thing to graph and visualization to represent the influences. It’s easy to tell when I went to where2006.

The decay is essential for seeing what’s going on – obviously here it is without the decay factor:


At IFTF we run a number of research projects concurrently, and I’m thinking of using a decaying-tag visual to show the history of activity on those projects. It could be two-part, where you click on a project name to zoom into the tags used in that project over time.


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