Prime spirals, Hahn and Sacks

This arxiv PDF has to win the insane diagram award for 2008.  Robert Sacks of the Sacks prime spiral and Harry Hahn point out some curiosities in the distribution of primes.  Lots of triple question marks:


5 thoughts on “Prime spirals, Hahn and Sacks”

  1. the distribution of prime numbers has been found by an Algerian igeneer and he will publish his discoverry on arxiv
    its one of the biggest secrets of mathematics which is revealed by this discoverry and the thing we can say about this discoverry its just fabulous and it will shak the whole world.

  2. Perhaps this is God’s fingerprint.

    As for the topic of circular shapes consider the odds of one of these prime saturated curves overlapping one another. Still interesting to fantasize about..

    Oh and I look forward to ramzi’s acquaintances discovery…

    to space patterns, connectivity and the shaking!

  3. This is sort of simple to explain when looked at from a system dynamics perspective. general relativity was meant to explain the general relativity of systems not just atoms. a system is always in one of three states….balanced (no energy transfer) growing (energy +) and declining (energy -) when the system of the universe was just particles enough energy accumulated for them to coalesce into the first hydrogen atom and energy was added until more hydrogen existed then h2 and then helium. Each new element is evolution. Isotopes are levels of energy…Two objects that have a communicative force are the smallest stable system add another object and the system is both more efficient and more stable and on an on ad infinitum. levels of complexity are added until additional energy causes evolution. new systems or evolution happens on the prime numbers. Hydrogen, 2,3,Helium,5,carbon,7,Oxygen, 11…. are all representations of evolution. Bresheit aleph and bet….so when thinking of any system start by looking at it from the beginning…1 then 2 then 3 and on and on and only positive numbers…..nature doesnt do deficits. because nature isnt flat this all happens in multidimensional space which makes the universe look like a 4d spiral fractal firecracker

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