National wildland fires

There are a couple fires blazing in California, and an AP article saying officials predict longer and stronger fire season. I was wondering if increasing wildland fires is a trend in California or nation-wide. It seems to be nation-wide:

(Data from NIFC.)  The AP article suggests it’s not necessarily related to climate change:

A longer fire season can’t be blamed solely on climate change or drought. More and more people want out of the cities and into the country — which in the West often means a place in the forest. That raises the potential of more fires started by humans — cigarettes carelessly tossed; campfires that aren’t dead; fires meant to burn weeds or garbage that instead get away.


One thought on “National wildland fires”

  1. It’s hard to say if this is a result of global climate change, but clearly the hot and dry weather has something to do with it. Great site, too, I love it. I will return again.

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