interactiveSVG is an R package I made for adding ECMAScript interactions to SVG plots.  Flash is the main choice for data visualizations on webpages, but I like the idea of open formats and I think it’s great that you can read the source code of an SVG file.

The package uses the RSVGTipsDevice package that I posted here earlier, and does some scraping and rearranging of the SVG file.  ECMAScript onclick events do the work of rearranging SVG elements or updating a text box with a value.  I tried animations like easing at first, but noticed that FireFox, Safari and Opera all were pretty slow in rendering these.

Here’s an example SVG file of the 2010 U.S. Budget.  You can click the bars to get an updated total of the selection.  I got the budget numbers from this Wikipedia article.


Also, try this pairs plot of the states dataset, with tooltips and zoomable subplots.

Tar file and example SVG files at


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