duplicated() in R

I have three vectors, and I want to use duplicated() to find the indices which are duplicates in all three vectors. The help warns that the function is potentially slow for lists.

The first two vectors are integers, less than 1e9 and less than 1e4, and the last one is a factor with three levels.

> system.time({duplicated(cbind(pos,width,strand))})
user system elapsed
37.034 0.000 37.042
> system.time({duplicated(data.frame(pos,width,strand))})
user system elapsed
5.142 0.001 5.145
> system.time({duplicated(paste(pos,width,strand,collapse=":"))})
user system elapsed
3.297 0.000 3.297
> system.time({duplicated(pos + width/1e5 + as.numeric(strand)/10)})
user system elapsed
0.276 0.002 0.278


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